4th July


We weren’t actually planning on doing anything this 4th of July.  The pool was closed and we weren’t planning on going to any fireworks or anything.  We had a couple of sparklers in the basement left over from last year and figured we’d probably set those off.  We did need to go down to the local hardware store for a patch kit for the wall since there is a teeny tiny hole there now.  We left the house and we were disgusted with the heat.  It was ninety-five degrees and seventy percent humidity.  That’s pretty ridiculous.  I was wearing the thinnest little dress and I was sweating like crazy.  Master Pravus wasn’t too comfy either.


At the hardware store, we got our part and then left.  We had kind of forgotten to pick up any special holiday food (like hotdogs or something) on grocery day and so we figured we’d pick some up and at least grill.  On the way there, Master Pravus said he thought we should go back to the hardware store and get a plastic tub so I could have a kitty pool, and a mister.  I wasn’t about to argue (not that I would anyway, really), and so we bought a couple hotdogs and headed back to pick up some stuff to cool down with.  We went home, and Master Pravus went outside to get things set up.  (I can’t lift anything, really.  Well, the little pool and mister sure, but there was some heavy lifting to be done and Master Pravus had me stay inside with some Pedialyte and the swamp cooler to try to keep me cool enough.  When he was done, it looked like this outside:


We already had the chairs and the fireplace, but he had moved them over a bit so the whole thing looked a bit better.  I got my bathing suit on and we hung out in the pool with Applepig until I was sufficiently cooled off.  Then I got a burst of energy and Master Pravus asked if I felt like going out to pick up a couple fireworks.  I said yes, and we got into the car to go get some.


I got kind of sick in the store, so I had to wait in the car, but Master Pravus picked out some cool stuff.  We got our traditional tank, a couple little dragon guys, and those little pop-it things you probably had as a kid.  You throw them at the ground and they make noise.  He also picked up a couple of morning glories.  I like them way better than sparklers.  I hadn’t expected any though, so it was a fun treat.  On the way home we started having severe lightning and thunderstorms.  We had to hide inside for about an hour before it was safe enough to go outside.


The rest of the day was fun.  We threw pop-its at the ground, sat near the mister, set off fireworks (but nothing that shot off the ground, just our little tank, morning glories, etc) and we had a good time.  We even made a fire so we could have s’mores.  At one point, it was pretty awesome, because I could see all kinds of fireworks from our house, from near and far.  It was pretty cool.


Considering that morning we didn’t think we’d be doing much of anything, that was a pretty busy holiday!


6 thoughts on “4th July

  1. The sparkler pictures are so pretty! Um. Yours. i wasn’t calling your Master pretty.

    i love the canopy and miss cooking out a great deal. i also miss gardening. It looks like you could have space for a really nice yard, with spaces to relax. Yay!

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