Surgery Tomorrow

I was really surprised when I got a call Thursday asking me if I had time to come in for my port surgery on Friday.  I said yes, but near the end of the phone call the woman told me that if I wanted she had space on Monday too.  Master Pravus said I could do any day I wanted, but I figured it would be best to at least give him a day’s notice because of work.  I need him to drive me since I’ll be asleep while they cut me up and stick needles in me.  I would need him to drive anyway since my POTS disqualifies me from legally driving right now, but it’s all good.

I’ve never had anyone just fit me in for surgery in less than one week!  Crazy!  Not that I’m complaining.  The sooner the better.  I am pretty much out of veins.  Actually, I’m a bit nervous about how they are going to find a vein to put me to sleep.  I know they will, but still.  I’m getting butchered at my infusion appointments.  It’s getting bad.  >.<

Overall I’m not too worried about this particular surgery.  Portacath surgery is really minor, but of course, every surgery is slightly nerve-wracking because you never know what could happen.  I’m not worried about anything major (like death) but I’m worried about some more minor things.  The fact that I don’t know who my surgeon is, for one.  I guess they just have one section of the hospital where they only put in ports.  Have they encountered POTS patients?  Probably.  Have they encountered an Ehlers-Danlos patient?  That one is less likely and that is the thing that makes me the most nervous.  Not to mention, there’s this fear of having to be completely asleep while someone I’ve never met before tinkers with my inside bits near my heart.  >.>  I mean, I’m sure it’ll be fine, but like I said, I’m still mildly nervous.  I think that’s pretty normal though.

So, bright and early tomorrow (we have to be to the hospital at 8:30AM, so I’ll probably have to be up at six so we can leave by 6:30AM, it’s not a super close by hospital) I’ll be at the hospital for my surgery.  I like doing these things early not only because it’s hard to fast, but also because I’m usually too sleepy to really get scared when it’s 6:30AM.  HA!  Wish me luck.  I’ll update my blog when I’m feeling up to it.  With luck this one isn’t too hard to recover from, but I’ve heard that it varies across the board.  Some people feel fine in a day or two, others it can take weeks or years.  I’m not going to worry about it, we’ll just wait and see.

I’m sure Master Pravus will tweet when I’m out of surgery.  He usually does, if you’re curious.  Here’s a link to his Twitter.


6 thoughts on “Surgery Tomorrow

  1. Sending lots of luck and love to you! It’s totally normal to be nervous sweety, I’m sure it will all go swimmingly though.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery too xxx

    1. @treasure Oh me too! I really can’t wait very long anyway, infusions are becoming really difficult.

      Applepig will be with me though because he oversees my medical stuff. He hasn’t let me down yet! 🙂 ::lots of hugs:: <3

  2. i know it’s just a port but i was still nervous til i saw your Master’s update. Yay! Good job Applepig. Hugs to you and hope you feel better soon. Thanks, Master Pravus for letting us know your girl is okay. 🙂

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