End of the Contract

Master Pravus’ job contract at the place he’s currently working ended last week, and we have no actual news either way.  This place he works?  They are really lax with hiring people.  There’s some kind of clause that unless they tell him to stop coming in, he still has a job there so he still has to show up.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to show up, either.  He loves this job.  We were both just kind of hoping for something a little more..  News-y?  I mean, he is technically still under contract, but with no “drop date” we have no idea when or if they plan to hire him.  It could be another six days or six months, and they may fire him just as easily as they may hire him.

Obviously, there’s nothing else in his lineup and he is hoping to get hired on, so he is going to stay for now.  It’s just frustrating not knowing when we’ll have real insurance or benefits of any kind.  Plus, there’s no security in a contract.

So, technically there’s no real “news” to get excited over, but the signs are still pointing to hiring.  They have given him control over a couple of projects, and the headhunter working with him says that he hasn’t received a single complaint about him.  We’re hopeful, but we’re not letting our breath out yet.

::Gets back on the waiting train for another ride::

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