At the Nudie Pool

kitty pool 2

Oh my word, it was just so hot this past weekend.  It was almost in the triple digits Saturday and Sunday, but the worst part was the humidity.  We have a nice little four-sided tent out back, and we like to hang out there when it’s really hot.  We set up the kitty pool and had our own little private area out there.

kitty pool 6

I hadn’t been in a bathing suit, either, because we’re trying not to have any tight spandex over my port yet.  So I was just in a giant shirt and shorts.  Nothing fancy.  It didn’t take too long to take my clothes off.  Why on Earth did we buy a house?  Oh, yeah, so we can be hedonists in the summer without risking disturbing the neighbors.

kitty pool 17

kitty pool 14

It was so fun.  I still hate the summer, but if you have to be sweating balls, you may as well be nude in your yard in a kitty pool.

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