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Since my surgery, it has been over two weeks.  I’m a slow healer and we both know it, but still I am unable to wear my steel collar because of where it lands on one of my incisions.  Every day Master Pravus comes home from work, and he checks my neck.

“Show me your port, Kitty.”

And so I do.  Of course we both know the large incision at the bottom there is going to take a lot longer to heal than the little cut up by my neck, or one would think, anyway.  Unfortunately, last night Master came home from work and guess what?  The thing still isn’t healed enough.  We can’t put my nice steel collar collar back on until the skin is healed, no more scabbing, etc.  I could tell that Master Pravus was getting kind of pissed off. 

Not at me, more at the situation.  He doesn’t like me not having a collar on, and neither of us had been able to find my flying collar.  We might be unpacked over here, but we’re not quite..  Organized yet.  Also, we didn’t think this would even be an issue when we signed up to get my port.  Though, we didn’t have much info on it even leading up to the surgery room.  But that’s neither here nor there.

Shortly after checking my neck last night, Master Pravus went on a little spree to find my flying collar, and he did find it!  (Woo!)  He put it on me right away.  It currently has no tag.  We haven’t flown anywhere since my brother’s wedding, and that was a couple of moves ago.  Still, tag or no, it feels good to be in one of Master Pravus’ collars.

It’s funny the things you forget about leather though.  I’m spoiled being in my steel collar all the time.  I leave it on to swim, shower, etc.  I’ve only ever had to take it off for medical reasons (x-ray, surgery, etc) or to fly.  I actually don’t think about it most of the time.  The leather collar requires more forethought.  I have to remember to take it off to shower, and put it back on when my hair is dry.  Not that it’s so hard to do, but those are things I haven’t even had to think about in years.  Even when we fly, Master Pravus puts the steel collar back on me as soon as we get to our destination so I still don’t have to think about things like the rain, or showers.

I still can’t wait to have my nice, heavy steel collar back on.


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