Waiting By The Pool

chilling by the pool 2

This past weekend was okay.  Nothing amazing.  For starters it was really fucking hot.  We spent a lot of it outside in our little pool tent.  We have our blow-up pool blown up and we were lounging in that on and off.  Seeing as how we’re in our own back yard, surrounded by fabric on all sides, we often go nude in the pool.  I will generally wear just a swim suit cover-up, or just a loose shirt which I’ll take off before I get in the pool.  I don’t remember exactly why, but Master Pravus and me had gone outside and he had me wait to get in the pool until he got back.  I sat in the chair and (of course) politely waited.

When he came back, I was sitting thusly.  He wasn’t unhappy.  In fact, he was so happy that he started taking pictures left and right.  I mean, can you blame me?  I’m always trying to be sexier for him.  Showing your cunt while you wait to go in the pool is definitely sexy (to Master Pravus anyway)

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