The weekend was another “okay” weekend.  I still am dealing with this stomach bug, so while nothing awful happened, the weekend wasn’t as exciting as either one of us would have liked.  Still, it could have been worse, so I’m not trying to complain.  Hopefully my tummy feels better soon.

Last night, though, we were getting into bed.  As I snuggled down, Master Pravus told me he had put a treat under my pillow.

“Should I look for it?”


I looked and looked and couldn’t find it.  I didn’t turn the pillow over or anything, but I kept rubbing my hands under it.

“It’s nothing amazing.” he told me.  I had actually figured it was either Rexie or my Birdo, which are both treats I would have found to be amazing.  (Although, I guess they would have riled me up which would have made it difficult to get to sleep).

“You can’t find it?” he asked me.

“I can’t feel anything under there!” I told him.

He fished around himself, and pulled out a Bounce sheet.  Silly, maybe.  I love the smell of those Bounce dryer sheets, though.  I immediately started rubbing it all over my pillow before putting it back under there for the night.

I get all the best treats.


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