Stomach Shenanigans

I feel bad that I’ve been so quiet here the last couple weeks.  I don’t know what is going on with my stomach.  At first we thought maybe it was a bug or something, but as time goes on (we are going on three weeks now) that just doesn’t seem likely.  I heal a lot slower than most, but still.  Three weeks?  The past three weeks haven’t been completely dull.  I seem to be able to do things as per normal for about a day, and then the next day I have the terrible stomach issue.  Any time I start feeling better it starts bothering me again. 

Master Pravus thinks it is a side-effect of the new stomach medicine I was on for a new stomach condition I just got diagnosed with.  I say “was” because I’m not taking it anymore.  It solved my problem, but gave me a much worse one.

I know I’m being a bit cryptic.  There are some things I don’t really like to talk about, and my stomach is one of them.  We all have something, I guess.

Since I stopped the medicine, it’s been five days and my stomach really does seem to be getting better now.  Today is actually day two of feeling okay.  Not that I feel amazing either, mind you.  More that I’m up and around and doing chores and such during the day.  I’ve been in bed or on the couch roughly every one to two days over the last couple weeks so that’s just no good at all.  With luck this is me getting better.

I just wanted to update here because it had been more than a week.  For me, that’s kind of unheard of.  Still, I do seem to be on the mend, and in case I’m not, we made another doctor’s appointment for mid September.  That was the soonest they could get me in.  No joke.  I’ll either be dead or better by then.  Hopefully, the latter.


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