Toy Pile Of Doom

I'm sure most people have this same problem
I’m sure most people have this same problem

This past weekend we took out all of the sex toys and piled them up on the bed.  It was time for some serious organizing.  The sad truth is that since we moved here about a year ago, we haven’t really gotten our sex toys put into a good space.  Not only that, but also we had to do something with the toys that I no longer use to cam (seeing as how I can’t cam anymore) since they were still in a box of cam props.  I had some lingerie and heels in there too which is why you see some of that on the bed.

Up until this past weekend if we wanted to use a certain toy we had to run down the hall and grab it.  That isn’t such a huge deal, but it wasn’t exactly convenient.

So we spent about an hour sorting together.  Some of it was just kind of crummy stuff that comes with the good stuff (free shit blindfold that comes with an amazing ball gag, or something.  We had also seemed to have a lot of free jelly crap that comes with good stuff.  (I will never understand why I spend good money on a silicone or glass toy, and the company will throw in a free jelly something.  Come on now, I don’t want jelly toys, even if you give it to me for FREE!)

Everything is much more accessible now.  We have the same organizer, and it’s on the left side of the bed where you can’t see it in this shot, but now it’s a lot more organized and a lot easier to get to.  We had it in Dongalor’s room with a blanket over it before this.  Talk about a pain in the bum!  It just didn’t lend itself to spontaneity although it certainly wasn’t the worst thing ever either.  It’s just so much nicer having things so easy to access.

Not everything fit in the drawers, of course, so the leathers, tapes, ropes and lubes are all evenly squared away in different spots.

If only all cleaning was this fun!

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