Cum Back

kitty pool 3

Some days Master brings the kitty pool indoors.  We don’t have a bath tub in this house (for shame) and sometimes it’s nice to have a little soak.  He usually puts the pool by the back door (for easy emptying), but not always.

The other night Master came home, and I was almost done cooking dinner.  I finished cooking, set the table, and sat down to eat with him.  He could tell I was completely wiped out.  I had a rough day, and truth be told, my stomach is still giving me problems.  I try to be my normal self and work through illness/etc because I know it won’t help anything if I’m whining and miserable.  Master pointed out right away that I didn’t look so good.

“You look completely wrung out!”

I felt so bad, because like I said, I try to carry on and not seem completely broken when I’m not feeling too well.  The jig was up, though.  Master said that he thought a tubbie might perk me up later that night.  So, we ate our dinner, ran a couple errands (isn’t there always at least one?) and then came home to set up the tubbie.

Master wasn’t wrong about the soak.  They always help me feel better even if they don’t fix the problem at hand.  I have always found a warm bath to be pretty soothing regardless of what’s bothering me.  Not having a bath tub in this house is really hard.  At least we have the little pool for “emergencies” though.

I hung out in the pool for a little bit, (maybe twenty minutes?) when Master went and got me a waterproof vibrator.  He told me to masturbate for him.  I started playing with my clit lightly, but I’m not very good at masturbating while sitting up so I leaned forward while reaching behind me to play with my clit.

titty squeezing

Being that leaning forward made my tits float, Master couldn’t really resist them.  He kind of has a major thing for breasts, don’t you know.

Masterbating while leaned over

As I continued to play with myself for him, Master got more and more turned on, and eventually he decided to stand in the tub with me and jerk off on my back.  I’m pretty sure I got some cock sucking in there too, though he stopped me so he could cum on my back at the last second.

Cum on my back

It’s not very often Master Pravus cums somewhere other than my tits, mouth or ass, so this was an extra special treat for me.  I was very happy.

smiley kitty

I’m am such an extra lucky slave.


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