We’re getting there.  Master Pravus has found some focus groups coming up, as well as a weekend job for the month of October.  He’s working at a haunted maze about an hour away.  The shifts are really long (pretty much all day) Saturdays and Sundays until November first, which is a good thing.  It’s helping us get by.  I don’t know if the hours will be changing later on or not, but today was his first day, and he got there at 9AM and they want him to stay until midnight.  Like I said, long day. 

The Mewtique has been really busy too, which is great.  It’s always busy in October so we kind of expected that, but still we’re really happy about it!  We’re well aware that any year the store could just stop being successful, and we’re so grateful for the support we get.  Master Pravus is working all day (roughly 9-5 during weekdays) looking for more stable work, and while he does that I work on my Mewtique stuff.  We’re busy.

While it’s good being busy, it’s also really hard.  When you’re not sure how everything will play out or when money will be stable again, it makes you less prone to relaxation.  We don’t have lots of spare time, but even when we get a little, we wind up being too worried to do very much.  Sucky.

Dealing with the gastroparesis hasn’t been easy, but we’re figuring it out.  I eat much smaller bits of food now (no more than a cup of food at once, if I’m not nauseous), and I eat a lot of baby food and drink Ensure.  Despite trying to eat what I can when I can, I’ve been losing about a half pound a day, which is kind of a lot, and it isn’t something I’m trying to do.  I just literally cannot take in enough food to maintain my weight. 

While that’s not a huge issue right now, if it keeps up it can get worse later.  So we’re trying to keep an eye on it.  I’m tired. I take more lie-downs and naps than I ever did before.  Just another thing to deal with, I guess.

We’re not as stressed as we are busy.  With Master Pravus and me both being pretty busy right now, we’re usually too busy to think too much.  Things will definitely slow down in November though, so we’ll just need to see what that brings.  In the meantime, we’re hanging in there and doing our best.

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