Flower Garden

One thing we would love to do with the house eventually, is to really set up a nice garden.  We were pretty fixated on getting the house unpacked when we moved in though (a lot of people do that slowly, and then never actually finish.  Hell, we never finished in any of our old apartments), but now that we’re in a house that was a huge focus for us.  We didn’t really put much time into decorations, etc.  Sure, we maintained the lawn (mow, sweep the front step, etc), but we weren’t really doing much with the land itself.  I doubt if we’ll really get to do much with it for a year or two, anyway.

Well, we saw one of those roll-out gardens in the store and in June we bought one for ourselves.  It was pretty much the right amount of time involvement we had at the time, and while it was kind of late in the season for planting we thought we would give it a whirl.  It actually wound up a lot better than we planned, though you have to water it a lot (not a problem, but some days we missed the morning watering if we were in a hurry.  Whoops!) so that’s something to keep in mind if you want to try it yourself.

Tomorrow we’re due to get snow, so I don’t think the garden will last too much longer.  I’ve been trying to take pictures of flowers every time they came up, but I decided to get some final shots of whatever I didn’t get already since the garden is probably toast soon.

flowers 6
flowers 3
flowers 4
flowers 7

Here’s a few of them.  Sadly, some of the pictures didn’t really come out.  There’s some really pretty flowers!  I really liked the roll-out garden.  Is it cheating?  Yeah, probably, but it was nice to have some flowers to come home to that didn’t require a whole lot of effort.  Maybe next year we’ll get to do some real gardening.

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