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Things are getting into full swing with Master Pravus’ job searches. He seems to be receiving calls from people interested in hiring him at least three or four times per day during the week.  Some of the calls are repeat calls, and some of them are new people inquiring as to his skills.  The only thing that’s frustrating?  Well, every single job is for a contract “to hire.”

I realize that a lot of people get permanent employment this way, but it’s really frustrating because that seems to be all anyone wants to offer, and then they sort of forget to do the “hire” part.  Don’t get me or Master Pravus wrong.  If he has to take a bunch of contract jobs before he finds a full time position with benefits, he’s happy to do that.  The fact of the matter is, unemployment only barely covers our bills and doesn’t cover our medical expenses, so even a contract of one month is great.  Still, contracts never come with benefits (at least, they don’t for us), so that’s another thing that’s really tough.

As far as actual “bites” go, a few places are very interested in Master right now, and (no joke) three of them are supposed to call him on Friday to set up Interviews. Kind of a funny coincidence, I thought.  Still, all of the jobs sound great, except for one thing.  You guessed it: contracts.  They are all contract “to hire” and they are all for at least a year (one of them would be a two year contract).  One year is a pretty substantial amount of time, so Master Pravus has already told me that if any of them work out after the interviews, he’s planning on taking them.  Even knowing there is no guarantee of permanent work, a year of steady work is good enough, and while he is working there he can keep his eyes out for something permanent.

We’ve had to revamp the house a little bit. Since we moved in last year, I’ve had very spotty Internet in the room that we had my computer.  Master Pravus originally picked that room for me because it was the biggest (aside from the Master bedroom), and it also was in the back of the house, so I could keep my cam stuff somewhat private when we had guests over.  Since I’m not camming anymore, the only reason to keep my computer in there was because it was already in there.  We’ve done about a million things though, and nothing is really working for getting a steady signal back there.  Short of running an insanely long wire back there, Master Pravus decided that we would just switch the computer into the sewing room, and vice versa.

So, the smaller (sewing room) is now the computer room (and, yeah, Dongalor sleeps in there too), and the bigger room is now the sewing room.  At least we’re working on it.  I took apart a bunch of things today, and Master Pravus hauled a bunch of furniture.  Tomorrow or the next day we’re planning on getting the rest of the stuff done and ready to go.  I’m going to have to reorganize all of my fabric (dear lord, no!) and get it all back on the shelves where it belongs.  I have four massive trash bags full of fabric for the time being.  It was just easier to transport it that way.

With the bones of the rooms in place, we both admit we really like the setup better. The rooms fit their current uses so much better, and they feel much larger and better laid out.  It’ll be great when we get things completely set.  I’m tired of sitting down to blog or work on my Mewtique, only to have the Internet not really reach.  Almost there!

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