The job search is going well, but there’s still nothing concrete going on yet.  We’re a little bit on edge though, because there’s a job that’s really interested in Master and it sounds an awful lot like he’ll get it.  There’s no guarantees, but if he did get the job, then guess what?  We’d have to move.  They would pay for air fare to fly him out and interview him, and then they would pay to move us to the new location, and then they would even wind up paying him more than he has made in Colorado yet.

There is so much about the job that could be good, but there’s a lot of negatives too.  We just bought this house a little over a year ago, so we’re not too keen to pack up and move again.  It feels like we only just got things completely unpacked and ready to go.  We only just got comfortable.  Truth is, while we don’t want to live in this house forever, moving so soon is..  Not enticing.  It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life.  Moving is a big salty pain in the butt.

I don’t want to say where we may wind up, because that’s the thing.  May.  Anything could change at any point, (they haven’t even made an offer) but they do seem really interested.  I guess they have been looking for someone to fill this position for a long time, and there’s no one in the state that fits the qualifications, but Master Pravus does.  It has us both kind of panicky though.  They will probably want to move quickly (but we’re not sure how quickly) so we should know one way or another soon enough.  They might say no.  We’re not counting on it or getting our hopes up, but it would definitely solve our current problem of being jobless and trying to pay bills.  Master Pravus has already said that if they do extend an offer, then he’s going to accept.

The job would be in another state.  Again, I’m not comfortable saying which unless Master Pravus gets an offer.  If they do offer him a job, then I’ll post about where we’ll be moving.

I realize I should be jumping up and down.  I’m thrilled that Master Pravus might get a job offer, and that we might be a lot better off soon but: packing, unpacking, starting over in a new town, looking for new doctors, finding new friends, figuring out the new local kink scene etc. is just so stressful.

Moving out of state again?  I don’t know.  I have no idea what to even cross my fingers for right now.  Time will tell.

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