Pulling It Off

We were relaxing at the end of the day.  Master Pravus usually lets me play a video game of my choice for the last hour or so before bed.  I was playing Fallout 4, and I decided to change my haircut.  Of course, in the beginning of the game I somehow goofed and didn’t see how to change your hairstyle so I still had the hair that the game came with.  So, into the town I went to fix it up and make my character look hot.

undercut 2 (2)

Master looked up from the game he was playing on his computer.  (We have a console version of Fallout 4).

“Fucking sexy haircut, Kitty!”

“Thanks, I always wished I could pull that off in real life.  I just think it’s so fucking hot.”

“Are you kidding me?  You could totally pull that off.”

“No, I couldn’t.  I’ve always had such a baby face.  Baby faces don’t work well with it.  I’d need a more ‘adult lady’ face.”

We kind of went back and fourth for a bit.  Master Pravus telling me that the cut itself was fucking sexy, me agreeing, but still not thinking I could pull it off.

“Let’s just go shave it,” He told me.

“I’ll never pull it off!  I’ll look silly!”

“You’ve been completely bald before.  You have a sexy as fuck head.  You can handle a (xxx) bigger undercut.”

Before I really even realized it, we were in the bathroom and we were using an eyeliner stick to decide where the undercut should go.  Master Pravus thought that about three fingers widths up from my ear would be great, but I was worried that’d be too much hair.  Guess who won?  Of course, it was him.

It’s kind of dark (we were shaving my head at about eleven o’clock at night) but here’s a picture of me eagerly awaiting my shave.  You can see a little black mark on the left if you look closely enough.  That’s where Master Pravus wound up marking it.


I started to get nervous.  Not really nervous enough to say anything, but nervous enough to feel a little bit jittery.  You can’t go backwards on a haircut.  You can cut some and then take more off, but you can’t go backwards.  You can always re-grow, but you can’t go backwards.  It’s scary.

Right as soon as the first bit of hair fell on the ground, I felt so much better.  I just felt the relief of “Well, it’s done.  I can’t go back and it’s done.  I always wanted it, and now I have it.  If it sucks, we can always grow it back.”  Not that I was thinking those thoughts consciously.  I wasn’t.  I just felt the release of it.  Of course, there was also the first cool rush of air over my head where my hair once was.  So lovely.


I’m no stranger to having my undercut shaved, but it has never been shaved so high up.  When my hair is up in a ponytail, you can tell from the front that it’s shaved.

undercut 1 (3)

From the back, this is a pretty high undercut.  We didn’t get any pictures of it that night, so I’ll update in a day or two when we get a couple.

The funny thing about my undercut, is people are always asking why my hair is shaved like that.  “Why do you shave the back of your head?”  I’ve written about it before, and some of the reasons why, but it’s probably the silliest question to me.  It would be like me asking “Why do you perm your hair?” or “Why do you put your hair in a French twist?”  Reason?  Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and my undercut being shaved makes me feel beautiful and sexy.  If you read that hyperlink above, you can see some other reasons, but there is a very base reason for you.

Why else?

Because it turns out I can pull it off.  Master Pravus won’t stop touching it.  When he’s not looking, I find myself rubbing it a lot too.

Thank you, Master.

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