Thanksgiving 2015


Thanksgiving is different for me this year than usual.  Having gastroparesis means that most of my favorite Thanksgiving day foods are off limits.  Not to be deterred, Master Pravus found me some baby foods in similar flavors!  He’s so thoughtful.  I didn’t even finish everything, so basically I’m eating leftovers here, too!  Not pictured was some low fat cheese and bread I was able to nibble on.  Thank you, Master Pravus.

Master Pravus himself had a bit of ham steak and some usual trimmings.  Potatoes, creamed corn, that sort of thing.  The most exciting bits of the day had nothing to do with food at all though.  We always do a lot of stuff on Thanksgiving.


For example, we’ve been trimming our tree every year for the last couple of years on Thanksgiving.  If we don’t, we sometimes wind up not doing it until halfway through December, which is sort of a waste for all that work.  Last year we had decided we’d need to upgrade our tree to a bigger one, but with Master Pravus still being out of work, we’ve just decided to keep the tree this way for now.  We put all the unique ornaments on, and then we filled in the gap with a bunch of tiny baubles.  We did eventually run out of room.

lights 2

Of course, I played with the lights a little bit and got kind of tangled in them.  Master Pravus thought it was really cute, so he wrapped a garland around me!

lights 4

Master Pravus says decorating the slave can be just as fun as decorating the tree!  Ha!  I helped him untangle the cords after I played in them.  That’s because I’m a good kitty who doesn’t leave her messes around for someone else to pick up.

We only went one place on Thanksgiving, and that was the Zoo!  We’re members, so we go a lot.  I had to use my wheelchair, but Master Pravus pushed me around for a bit before we both got too cold and went home.  I got to see the giant elephant shrew, which is a favorite of ours.

We also watched Addams Family Values (classic Thanksgiving!), and while we were watching Master Pravus decided to have me lean forward in my kitty nest so he could cup my back.


As he was poking and prodding here and there along my back, I remember waiting for the needle, but it never came.  He had decided to do dry cupping, not that I’m complaining.  It was a pretty intense session as you can see above.  Those are some darker marks than usual!  I’m betting they are going to be with me for a few days.


l love the way they look when you’re immediately removing the cups.

lights 5

Master Pravus took this last shot right before bed, which was a couple of hours after the cupping itself.  You can still see a pink ring around each mark, and that ring was actually there the next morning.  It was an intense session.

I really enjoyed Thanksgiving this year with Master Pravus.  We had a great time.

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