Aggressive Job Interviewing

Yesterday I was at Infusion when Master got a phone call and had to go take it.  It was from a possible job in Denver which could use his skills.  He was gone for about twenty minutes, and told me when he came back that he had a phone interview scheduled with the vice president later that afternoon.  Benefits from day one, full time employment (not a contract), and a salary only a tiny bit smaller than his last one.  Sounded awesome.

After Infusion, we headed over to the local grocery store to get a couple small items and Master got another phone call, this time from the out of state job.  They have yet to find any other candidates at all who would be willing to relocate (and they only found a total of ten candidates with Master’s particular skillset anyway) and they want to proceed with some phone interviewing as well.

There’s obviously still no guarantee for either one of these jobs, but I overheard the first job’s phone interview as Master was in the kitchen and it sounded like it went really well.  He said they sounded pretty eager, and when they quizzed him on computer stuff he got all the answers right and they sounded impressed.

It sure would be nice to get a bidding war going, that’s for sure.  We don’t know if either one will make an offer, or if we’ll get to the interview in person stage, but we definitely hope so.  With the amount of people who call Master Pravus (headhunters, managers, etc) and the amount of places he’s submitting his resume to, it can be hard to not get your hopes too high.  We kind of have a good feeling about both of these jobs though.

Cross your fingers for us!

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