“There’s Nothing More Perfect!”

kitty tea 7

I had to go to a doctor appointment today, and sometimes when I have a particularly scary or unpleasant doctor appointment Master will bring me for a treat.  I didn’t have any idea where we were going, but when we were on the way to the car afterwards, Master started teasing me about it.

“I didn’t even know these places exist!”

“There’s nothing more perfect!”

“Just wait!”

Heh.  Naturally, he got me kind of riled up.  By the time we got there, I was dying.  It wound up being a café with kitties inside it!  You buy a coffee or a tea or whatever, and then you get to hang out with cats!  All of the cats are fully adoptable (not that we need another one), and they stay in the coffee shop until they find their forever homes.

Here’s a shot of me peeking into a little cat tree with a sweet little tortoise shell.  Awww.

::Sips tea::

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