Boot Maintenance

At the end of last winter, Master Pravus bought a pair of boots for this winter.  He actually had split the sole on his last pair, and it was really bad – all the way through to the foot.  There was really no point in trying to have them re-soled either because they had been around for a while.




So, these are his “new” boots.  At one point, I was polishing and or maintaining all of the boots every Sunday.  It has been quite a while since then because (if you read this blog it’s no secret) my health has been spiraling out of control and bootblacking is a lot of physical work.  I enjoy it immensely, but I need to be well enough to manage it.  We bought this house over a year ago and I hadn’t blacked a single boot yet, which is just sad.




I’m sure those boots in the picture above look pretty big, but for perspective, here’s a picture of me working on them with my left arm in the boot all the way to the elbow.  These things are not small or dainty, not that I would expect them to be.  Big snow boots should not be dainty.

I mentioned to Master Pravus over the weekend that I’d been wanting to do some bootblacking lately, but every time I got spare time I couldn’t find my bootblack kit.  He told me that he knew where it was, and that he’d go ahead and set it out for me with his snow boots so that I could get to those first whenever I felt up to it.

Well, I got a little burst of energy the other night, and when Master Pravus asked me what I’d like to do with my free time, I told him I’d like to work on his boots.  He seemed pretty excited by that, pointing out that he was lucky to have someone who wanted to do chores in their free time.  I’ll never see bootblacking or working on boots as a chore.  It’s too fucking relaxing.




So there I was, ten o’clock at night, sitting on the floor in the middle room working on Master Pravus’ boots in my pajamas.  Master Pravus never does this, but he came in the room to watch me that night.  It was nice having him in there with me.  Ordinarily he only watches me working on his shoes or boots if he’s wearing them, but it was nice to have his company.  I mentioned to him that it was nice having him in there with me, and he pointed out that this was the warmest room.  HA!  Well, I’m sure he loves me deep down.  =^.~=




I didn’t get through with both boots that night.  I was in no rush and I was also kind of out of practice, so it took me an hour to finish the first boot.  (I probably would have finished a smaller pair, but these things are giant, as I already said).  Master Pravus stopped me from continuing after my first boot because it was already eleven, and that’s the time he has me brush my teeth and get ready for bed.

I’ll finish the other boot soon, I’m sure.  Then, I have a whole pile of a jillion boots to work on.  I’m so excited to be back at it, even if in small bits until I get my strength back up to par.

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