Ballet Boots and Chill


We’re not at all working on ballet boots the way we were a couple years ago.  Not that Master Pravus doesn’t want to, but (recurring theme) my strength has waned substantially and I’m not up to trying to walk in them.  Maybe I could be, but Master has said he doesn’t feel that I’m ready for that yet.

He does work with me on occasion to maintain foot strength by going through a series of exercises he’s designed for me, and sometimes (like above) he’ll just lace my boots on me and leave them on for a while as we sit and watch something or while we play video games.

He says it’s important for me to feel the boots on my feet, and get used to having my feet in them, even if we’re not walking in them at the moment.  I do sometimes work on standing in them for small bits at a time, though only with Master’s supervision of course.

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