Zoo Lights

Master Pravus and me didn’t think we would get to go to Zoo lights this year, for pretty obvious reasons.  Happily, we secured some free tickets though, and there wasn’t a specific date to redeem them so we were just kind of waiting until we had a night where we were both feeling great.


Last night, we trekked on down to the Zoo and we had a great time.  Our first stop was for a bit of food.  Master Pravus got pizza, and I ate his crust.  He also got me a hot chocolate to sip while we were running about.  We took this little usie together, and when we were done, we looked at it, and I said “We look so cute!” Master Pravus agreed with me, and as we were walking away I saw the woman behind us give us the dirtiest look.  Not my problem you’re a complete gnome, lady!  HA!


The lights were really amazing this year.  Our pictures don’t do them any justice at all.  They were so pretty, and it felt like a crazy winter wonderland!  They had boasted more than double last year’s lights and we were so excited to see them.  It felt like magic!


There were a couple bits of the Zoo that were roped off.  I kind of hope next year they unrope those and put more lights up.  That would be awesome.  Seeing as how we’re kind of zoo veterans we know our way around and it was easy for us to see where they cut a couple of corners.


We stayed for a bit over an hour.  We could have taken a bit more time, and gone a little slower, but we were both starting to freeze and go numb so away we went.  Still, we had a great time!

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