Road Trip!

You remember that possible job I talked about which meant we would have to leave the state and relocate?  Well, it’s looking like there’s a 99.352% chance it’ll be a yes.  The job would be in Salt Lake City Utah.  Yep, Utah!  We weren’t going to mention the name of the place unless we got a job offer, but Master Pravus says he doesn’t see the harm at this point.  Chances of moving?  Imminent.

Things are moving scary fast.  The recruiter says there are no other candidates, and wants to know how quickly we could get there from the offer date.  Things really, really sound like they are going to happen.

I have a lot of mixed feelings.  I have a few medical things going on which I haven’t blogged about, and I have three important medical tests coming up this month.  I might have to have some major surgery too (but, I may not).  Things are so up in the air, and if we move, I wouldn’t want it to delay my treatment too much if at all.  Master Pravus shares these concerns, but obviously employment is even more important than waiting here for tests.  Life doesn’t happen when it’s convenient!

So, today we are off.  I have infusion really early in the morning (as I always do on Tuesdays), and then we’re going from there to Utah!  Master Pravus feels like it’s really important to scout the area before we move there, even without an offer.  If we don’t wind up moving, we see this as really just a fun chance to get away for a night.  But moving to a place without looking around first when it’s really pretty close by- that’s not really ideal.

So much is going on for me medically this month that if we don’t do it today, we might not get to go before an offer happens.  From there we’d have thirty days to move, and we won’t want to be making leisure trips at that point.  From where we live, Utah is only about a five hour drive.  We’re going up, staying overnight for one night, exploring during the day, and then coming home on Wednesday.

Things have been so stressful here that an overnight away is more than welcome.  We’re not going to be staying anywhere at all expensive, and then if we come home and don’t wind up getting the job, it was one overnight and we’ll probably have a bit less stress for having the one day to relax. If Master Pravus doesn’t get the job offer?  No regrets.  There are about two other jobs that are on his heels right now, so with any luck one of those will come through if this one doesn’t.  It’s looking really, really good though.  We’re excited!

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