Skipping Town

***We didn’t bring a laptop, so I’m typing this up one-fingered on my phone right now! Apologies for the any typos and I’ll fix them when I get home!***


Right now I’m sitting in infusion. It’s deadly quiet in here and I keep staring at the pump. I’m only halfway through but I’m so excited to get going and it’s hard to sit still. How do you sit still when you are about to go on a road trip???

* * * * * * * * * * *

Woo! Hours later and we’re in the hotel room. Here’s my “Tired but alive” selfie.


The trip took longer than expected due to severe wind problems. With winds of seventy-five miles per hour we were rocking back and fourth on the highway despite driving slower than the speed limit. I’ve never experienced anything like that. You could see all the trucks on the road struggling as well. We left Infusion at 10:30AM and wound up in Salt Lake City around 9:30PM. That’s a little longer than the six hours the GPS thought.

I’m so beyond exhausted and lightheaded, despite my infusion. I drank Pedialyte all the way up here! I’ve just been struggling a lot with my health and we both knew this trip would not be easy on me but it was necessary. Being closer to Utah than we were to Colorado affords us the opportunity to see things first (in case) this time. I’m doing my best to hold up.


Since we got in so late, we haven’t done anything much. We got a small bite to eat at a neighboring Denny’s and we’re going to bed soon.

Master Pravus has three or four things planned for tomorrow. There are things he absolutely wants to check out while we’re here and then we are planning on heading home no later than 4PM, to get back to Denver by Midnight for bed.

I’m looking forward to exploring a bit tomorrow with Master Pravus. For now, good night!

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