Skipping Town Part 2


We didn’t do a whole lot in Utah.  Once we woke up the next morning, we left the hotel and then had a total of six hours to look around.  We went to a mall first.  It was amazing and huge, and so fancy!  We went to the salt lake (that’s where we are in the picture you see above), and it was so gorgeous.  We were shocked.  It’s been a while since we’ve been around water like that, being in a land-locked state now.  We went to the biggest Asian food store we could find.  We went to the place Master Pravus is supposed to work at, if he gets the job.  Then, we started the drive home.

Utah is beautiful.  It’s very big on gay pride (woo!) and it’s very kink friendly.  Salt Lake City made us feel like we were back home in Boston.  Everyone dresses up (I didn’t see a single person in yoga pants or pajamas out in public) and it was so nice.  It’s not that I mind people wearing yoga pants, it’s more that it frustrates me when I’m wearing a skirt or something and people think I’m dressed up.  (What??  These are my normal clothes!)  The city itself made us both feel like we were in a real city.  Denver is lovely (and we love it here!) but it doesn’t have a “city” feel to us.  It is large, but the buildings are not as big or fancy as we’re used to.  I guess it’s not fair to compare Denver to Boston, which is known for being kind of on the large side.  Salt Lake City is a lot smaller with a smaller population, however, everything is much more lofty.

This isn’t to say we don’t like Denver.  We’ve lived here for over six years now, and we really do love it here.  We feel more at home now that we’ve gotten to know where everything we like/want to do is.  There’s nothing wrong with Denver at all.  Moving would not be because we don’t like it here.  Moving to Utah would just be because being unemployed sucks hairy donkey balls and you move where the jobs are.  If that job is Utah?  So be it.

We arrived home at 1:30AM on Thursday morning, and Master Pravus had an interview over the phone with his potential boss.  The interview went very well, and they have another interview set up for Master Pravus with his potential coworkers on Monday morning.  We’re not sure yet if they will want to do an in-person interview.  Apparently, the other two people who would be on Master’s team work remotely so they didn’t seem too worried about interviewing in person.  We’re not opposed.  Just say the word, and we’ll road trip it again lol!  The interviewer also said that we’ll know one way or another by Xmas, and that if Master Pravus got the job he would (most likely) be able to work from Denver until we got the house sold.  Talk about a load off.  That would also mean that if I do need surgery then I should be able to have it here, rather than to find new doctors during the start of a new job.  Woo!

So, we’re not packing our bags yet.  Not until or unless we got an actual job offer.  Still, it is looking very, very likely that we’ll be relocating again.  We’ve done some very minor preliminary research into apartments and moving just so that if shit hits the fan we’re not starting from scratch, but we know it’s not a done deal and that anything could happen.  We don’t feel hell-bent on moving.  If a job with similar pay comes up in Denver we’re happy to take that instead.  We just wanted to go and see the place we might be moving before we moved there.  I’m glad we went.

My fingers are crossed so hard that this job comes through.  We don’t want to be on unemployment anymore.  It’s good that it exists, but sucks so hard to need it.

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