Since Master Pravus decided to take on the new contract, we’ve been running around a lot.  To be honest, we’re both a little bit surprised with how slowly things are moving with paperwork.  The person doing his background check kept typing in the wrong social, and then would call us up telling us it was the wrong number.  We finally squared that away, but it took two days longer than anticipated.

After the background check (which hasn’t even been done yet because they need two more pieces of paperwork that Master Pravus wasn’t even given until after work hours by the head hunter) he’ll need to do a drug test.  The drug test was supposed to be on Monday, and obviously that’ll take a couple days to come back too.  I’m not really sure what the next step after that is, probably payroll stuff, but then that’ll likely take a couple days so he probably won’t start working until January we’re guessing.  Not that we’ve got an issue with Master Pravus starting sooner.

Since we don’t know the exact drop date we’re trying to accomplish everything at once.  The things that we were slowly working on are happening now.  That’s not really a bad thing, it’s just a bit tiring.  I’ll be glad when Master Pravus starts the job so that the running around calms down.

This past week wasn’t my favorite.  I had to do a bunch of medical tests (One which required anesthesia, and I reacted badly to the anesthesia for the first time ever.  Not cool.) and I had three more yesterday, and there’s still two more upcoming.  We’re trying to schedule everything now so Master Pravus doesn’t have to take any time off from work to bring me to them later.  Unfortunately, a lot of the tests I’m going through right now are pretty invasive, and I’ve been exhausted and resting a lot at home.  I’m trying to do my chores and work on my Mewtique as much as I can, but some stuff is getting past me.  Master Pravus is really understanding, but I still don’t really like having so much downtime.  That’s just how I am.

So for now we’re hanging in there.  I feel more relieved that there’s a job coming up.  Even without benefits of any kind, it’ll still be good for us.  We’re both trying to see the upsides.  Anything beats unemployment.

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