Xmas 2015


Xmas Eve for us includes a couple traditions.  We don’t have a lot of them, but we like our traditions all the same.  Unfortunately, we both had stomach bugs for both Xmas Eve and Xmas Day that we’re still fighting off.  That definitely put a bit of a damper on things as we just weren’t totally up for all our normal antics.

Xmas Eve found us getting our traditional lattes, to help us stay up for Santa.  We do this in the morning and then we go home and track Santa incessantly with NORAD.  In between constant tracking of Santa we also tend to watch some holiday movies, play video games, play with each other, and otherwise pass the time.

One thing that is also traditional for me, is to color a picture.  Sometimes Master Pravus chooses the coloring book, and sometimes I do.  This year he told me to pick from any coloring book I had, and I chose my Unicorns are Jerks coloring book.  It was given to me a few years ago on Xmas, so it seemed appropriate.


A onesie is not really tradition.  There is no traditional “garb” at our house, but Master Pravus decided he thought I’d look cute in one, and he let me choose the one I wanted to wear.  So, I wore my Hello Kitty one.

It’s not something we always do on Xmas Eve, but we do always buy one new ornament per year to put on the tree.  This year we wound up buying it that day because we had to go out, and we noticed that Thor ornament you see up in that first picture.  Knowing I like Thor so much, Master Pravus let me get it.  Good thing too, because we had been having a difficult time finding an ornament we liked this year and I was worried we wouldn’t get one at all!

It was really hard for me to stay up, and it almost always is!  I had thought this year would be easy for me because my bedtime is midnight when Master Pravus isn’t working, and I’m really good at it right now.  Of course, Xmas Eve wasn’t easy.  I think it was a combo of the bug that I was dealing with, plus the hype.  I’m always so excited for Santa that it’s harder to sit still, and then I kind of burn myself out.  At midnight, Santa still wasn’t here, but (as is tradition!) Master Pravus said I could try to see if I could make it.  I did!


I got a couple cute beanie babies in my stocking, and a bunch of truffles!  Look how cute they are.  I know beanie babies come with their own names, but I renamed the puppy to “Roary” and the piggy to “Rasher.”

Master Pravus got to open his stocking too, which I didn’t get a picture of.  I put traditional stuff in it for him: play dough, a soda can, peanut m+ms.  Little things.  He had given me a couple of dollars about a week before Xmas and we went to the local store and he let me go in alone while I picked out a couple things for him.  We had to do it that way last year too.  Normally, I save up all year long and I buy bits and pieces online so I can surprise him, using my allowance.  I haven’t really had any allowance in a while though because of all the unemployment stuff.  He wanted to make sure we had something in our stockings at least though.

We got a couple more presents to open up too, because we got some presents in the mail from family.  We put them under the tree and opened them that night.  Master Pravus got a video game, and I got a couple more books.  Master pravus also had a special present for me that he had got himself.


I opened it, and squealed with excitement!  Woo!  Mario Maker!


Master was so excited to see me play it for the first time that he took a video of me unboxing it and playing for the first time.  Here’s a link, if you wanna see.

It was almost 1AM when we were ready to tuck into bed.  Santa had come so late, so even if there wasn’t a lot to unwrap I was still ready for bed by the time things were opened.

The next morning we got out of bed slowly.  What’s the rush?  I got showered and dressed, and then we went outside to play in the snow for a couple of minutes!  We had seen on the news that there was only about a ten percent chance of snow for Xmas, so we were shocked to see it coming down at a steady pace.  By the time we went to bed that night, the roads were blanketed and you couldn’t tell where our driveway ended and the road began!


Twirling was had, and even a couple of pony steps.  Tee hee.


After we went back inside to warm up, the day was pretty leisurely.  We snuggled, played, watched movies, and I got to try Mario Maker.  Master Pravus did some more ballet boot training with me.  I massaged Master Pravus feet, and we just spent a lot of time together.  It was nice.

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