As I have mentioned before, Master used to paint his fingernails a lot because it was something he had always liked to do.  Inconsequentially, this was also something that I found to be exceedingly arousing, and a huge turn on.

While Master Pravus doesn’t have the chance to paint his nails as much as he used to anymore, he still does it at least a few times per year.  Since he isn’t working right now, it was completely off the table because sometimes he’s called in for an interview via a headhunter, and he wouldn’t have the time to get the polish off of his nails.  He only wears black polish and black is a color that is difficult to get off the nails.  It’s not one of those colors that you can get off in ten minutes and be done with it.

Since he’s starting up a contract around mid January, he now knows he won’t need to be interviewing for at least four months.  We were at home watching a movie, and Master mentioned that he could paint his nails again because he wouldn’t need to be in to work for a couple of weeks yet.

Shyly, I asked him if he would like me to do it. 

I’m not a very feminine girl by nature.  I appear very feminine through service to Master Pravus, but that doesn’t mean that as a kid I was sitting around doing my makeup and brushing my friends’ hair.  Not at all.  I’ve painted my nails from time to time, but I can count the number of times I’ve painted someone else’s nails on two fingers.  Neither of those times were Master Pravus’s nails.  It just isn’t really something that has come up in my life a lot.  I offered to do it because I saw it as a way to service him and because I wanted to be able to show him that despite something being new or different for me, I was more than willing to try.

He said yes.

Not only did he say yes, but he seemed really pleasantly surprised.  Up until that point, I don’t think either one of us had thought of that before.  As mentioned, it isn’t something Master is able to do a lot (due to work), so it doesn’t come up as much as say, blacking his boots, or rubbing his feet.

I got up and paused the movie we were watching, and then I came back from the bedroom with the black nail polish and some nail polish remover (in case I fudged it and spilled half the bottle or something.

I was so nervous.  I’d wanted to do the best job ever, but I also wanted it to be really sexy for Master.  I tried to approach the whole thing in the same way as I approach bootblacking.  I wanted to make it a show for him, as well as erotic if I could.

I took the polish in one hand, and I tried to put it in my bra.  It became obvious that it wouldn’t work like that because if I didn’t have perfect aim when rewetting the brush I was going to get black nail polish all over me.  I decided to put the bottle on the small fold-out table next to us.

I took his hand, and I put it on one tit.  I though it would be sexy if I could paint his fingers while he was touching my breast, since tits are one of his favorite things.  That also became obvious that it wouldn’t work, because it puts the nails in an awkward position.  I took his hand, and I laid it on one of my thighs, while I knelt up with one leg in front of me.  He seemed to enjoy this, but after doing one nail it was obvious that I wasn’t strong enough to maintain the position without shaking a little.  My muscles have weakened a lot in the last couple of years.

So, with all of my attempts failing me, I knelt down and put his hand in my mine with the bottle on the table for dipping.  It seemed the best way to go since nail painting isn’t exactly something I’m amazing at.  I don’t think I did the best job Master has ever seen.  There were a couple little messes, but I wiped them away with my fingers so that my hands were messy, and not his.

Master seemed pleased with my attempt.  I know I could use a lot of work to get really good at this, if that’s something Master would like.  He mentioned something about possibly doing clear nail polish when he is working so that I can get a lot better at painting his nails, but we will see if that’s what he wants to do or not.  Time will tell.

I really enjoyed serving him in this way.  I know that I wasn’t the best manicurist in the world, but I’d love to get better at it.  Especially since it’s another way I can serve him.  I adore spending time together like this.


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