2015 In Review

2015 was crazy, and not always in a good way.

In January I got to go to my first Little Library!  It was a real treat, and it is something I’ve loved about living in the city.

I was given a new rule from Master, and I’m pleased to say I am pretty used to and good at remembering my earrings now.  The only times I ever forget are when we’re in a sudden rush to get out of the house and didn’t have time to plan going out.

I got the chance to experience my first ever zipper, that Master made with his own two hands.

Master also restarted my ballet boot training, which has been going pretty well.  I haven’t got as good as I used to be before I broke my foot, but we’ve continued working on it all year long and slow steady progress is being made.

Luke joined our plush army.

In March, I was dealing with scary health stuff again, but happily Master got a contract-to-hire position!  We were feeling like things were looking up!

I got my tongue pierced for my birthday in May! I also started Infusion Therapy for my POTS.

I also expanded my Mewtique to include buttons!

In June I had to admit that, due to my medical problems I wasn’t going to be able to cam anymore.  As painful as it was to admit, it was time for me to retire from live web cam chat.

I used my allowance to buy fabric to make a toga.

In July, Master bought me a small enough vacuum that I could handle it without injuring myself!  Whoop!

I also restarted swimming.

I had minor surgery to install a portacath to make my infusions and blood draws a lot easier.

We bought an inexpensive little pink plastic tub to make it easier to beat the heat.

In September, Master’s contract ended, leaving him without a job for the third time in two years.

I was also diagnosed with yet another life-changing incurable illness: gastroparesis.

In November, Master helped me to be brave enough to sport a hair cut I’d always thought was hot.  I’m glad he pushed me to do it.  I love my undercut.

I also had a terrifyingly scary hemiplegic migraine.  We’re currently waiting for my appointment with the neurologist.  It’s a huge wait, but they should be able to see me in January.

Thanksgiving was a really great day to relax together, and just have fun despite all that was going on.

I was well enough to black some boots for the first time in a while.

We got free tickets to go to Zoo Lights!

We took a (very short!) road trip to Utah.

Master got offered a four month contract, and he said yes.  While it’s no solution to our problem, it’ll help for a little while longer.

This year has definitely been mixed.  It has been a while since things were really going well for us due to health and unemployment problems.  Every year I tell myself “This is it!  I really hope this year is better than the last year!  Everything has to start getting better now!”

I don’t feel the same way anymore.

I think the most important thing I have learned this past year is to stop looking at either the past or the future.  I’ve learned to live in the present.  Health is fleeting.  Jobs are fleeting.  Looking towards what tomorrow may bring only robs us of what we have today.  Everyday, no matter how hard, has something good in it.  While we are striving each and every day to get to a good place physically and financially, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t think about where we are right now.  Today is today, and it’ll never be today again.

When the bell tolls midnight, I won’t be hoping for an amazing new year coming up.  I’ll be kissing Master Pravus, and just grateful to be with him in that moment.  This moment is all we have.  I’m making the most of it.  I wish the same for anyone who reads this.

Happy New Year!

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