“You can blog in a second.  Come here I’m going to put a harness on you for a bit.”

My eyes lit up.

“Harness?!  YAY!”

So, I stood up for my harness.

“Isn’t that a lot of rope for a chest harness?”

“Yes, but I’m going to give you a tail, don’t worry.”


Master is always teasing me that I have a tail, but it goes away when I get shy.  At least, he does when we do pet play.  I’m always asking him where my tail is, and why I can’t see it.  He always just tells me it’s a shy tail.


Shot of the harness from the front.

I waited patiently while he braided it.

“TAIL!” I squealed.  I started wriggling so that my tail was going back and fourth.  It was perfect.


“It’s perfect!”

“See, Kitty?  It’s even camouflage colored.  It blends in a lot, I told you that you had a shy tail.”

Ha!  So cute.  I loved wearing this harness.

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