Do I look tired?  I am tired.  I’ve been tired almost all week.  It hasn’t been all bad, just that I feel weak and don’t have a ton of energy.  Thank you, gastroparesis.  I even needed a bit of caffeine this morning, which isn’t like me.  Nom!  Cococcino!

The day hasn’t been bad, despite tired kitties.  I worked a lot on the Mewtique this morning, and I blogged a bit.  Master played with me and if I perk up later, he says we will play again.  (YAY!)

We started the Hobbit Trilogy on Xmas and we’ve been picking at it since then.  We finished up the second movie the day before yesterday, but before we start Five Armies, we decided that we wanted to rewatch the Smaug scenes.  Fuck yeah, dragon.

Before I go, just to explain that little pile of empty soda cans by the TV on the right…  Those are for Dongalor.  He likes to crawl behind the TV, but if he jumps up there the empty cans knock over and spook him and he runs away.  A trick from an old vet we used to have.


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