Start Day

FINALLY!  Master Pravus started his new contract on Tuesday.  We had no idea what day he’d be starting until they finally called up on Monday and told him to come in the next day.  Nice warning.  Ha.  It’s not like we had plans, it was just funny waiting for over a month for this thing to start.  Slowest contract start ever!

I haven’t really been blogging this past week too much, because I haven’t been feeling great which is just the story of my life.  I’ve tweeted, but some days I have been too sick to sit at the computer for much longer than fifteen or twenty minutes.

I seem to be a bit better today.  I don’t feel perfect, but I’ve managed to not spend the entire day on the couch playing Oblivion.  Ha.  I have done a few chores, and I’ve taken care of my food and all that.  Some days those kinds of things are next to impossible, so I’m always happy when I can get anything done.

Being home alone again during the day is not so bad, except for when I’m not well.  It’s hard to take care of yourself when you feel crummy, but I’m learning when to stop/start being active.  Lately, if I have even the slightest inkling that I’m unwell or just not quite right, I rest until I feel good again.  That’s tough though because as I said before, it leads to less stuff getting done a lot.

The contract is odd hours.  The first day, they asked Master Pravus to go in 9:30-5:30.  During the day they asked him his preferred hours and he said 6:30-3:30.  They told him to come in 6:30-3:30 today.  He went in at 6:30 but they told him that they need him until 4:30 today.  That’s fine.  Tuesday they had him leave really early, around 3, I think?  Since he is an hourly employee if they send him home early, we take a pay cut.  Same goes for taking time off for doctor’s appointments, etc.  Oddly, he showed up on Tuesday and they didn’t even have a computer or a desk for him.  Kind of funny.  A tech guy with no desk.  It’s a little weird adapting to a constantly changing schedule, but this is just a very temporary thing so we’re doing okay with it.

It’s really hard to change your sleeping habits overnight, and Master Pravus is tucking me in at bed time (whatever it is, depending on when he needs to go in the next day) but if I can’t fall asleep a half hour to an hour after I lay down, I’m supposed to go into the front room and quietly crochet.  We’re thinking that will probably have a start time in the morning that doesn’t change and then sometimes he may stay late or leave early, but we’re not sure yet.  So for now we’ve been going to bed around 10, which is two full hours earlier than we’re used to. 

Last night I had to get out of bed early and I quietly crocheted for an hour and was back in bed quarter past midnight.  I’ve had a lot of problems with insomnia in the past though (especially with a revolving bed time) and Master Pravus doesn’t want me to stay in bed wide awake for that reason.  No reason to make things worse.

Master Pravus being back at work reminds me of how much more precious our time together is.  He comes home, we eat dinner, we play together, we do our exercises and if we’re lucky we might have time to watch a half hour or hour of TV before bed.  That’s if nothing goes wrong.  It’s a necessary evil, but it sure makes the weekends all the more precious.

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