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Today from the Bizarro World files.

You remember that dentist appointment that didn’t go so well?  I do.  I remember it all the time because that shit fucking haunts me.  However, the dentist did call the next day to apologize (but I was too distraught to talk to her so Master Pravus talked to her).  I figured we buried the hatchet and were moving on.

We found a new dentist, and while he has not had to do any actual dental surgery on me yet, he filed down a couple filings and fixed the minor problems the other dentist left behind at the end of her visit.  I about jumped out of my skin when I heard her on the phone talking to Master.  I did not wish to speak with her.  That appointment was traumatic.

So, today I had another mini heart attack when I got the mail and there was a card from said dental establishment.  It’s an apology card, and they included a $25 gift card to Target.  Um.  Thanks. I get that you feel bad, but no.  I’m not coming back, and I’d like you to leave me alone so that I don’t have a freak out attack every time I see your name or hear your voice.  I get that you didn’t wish me any actual harm, but you know what?  I still do not want to go back.  >.<

I understand the gesture.  Thank you for trying.  I get it.  I get it IgetitIgetitgoodbye.

Please go away now.

(I’m a grumpy beaver, apparently.)

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