Sew Today, Sewn Up Tomorrow

mewtique room (2)

Here I am, in my Mewtique room again!  I’m frantically sewing today because I’m not sure how long it’ll take to recover from my surgery, and I may not get back in here for a couple weeks.  Trying to get ahead of things!  The shop will stay open while I’m in the hospital and recovering, but I won’t be making anything new.  Master Pravus is planning on packing things up so they get out on time while I’m not home.

Why is there a picture of a Keurig on the wall, you ask?  Well, I’ve been wanting one for a long while now.  Every year, I get a special prize at the end of the year if I beat the previous year’s sales at the Mewtique.  It gives me something to shoot for, and I think that having a picture on the wall gives me extra motivation.  Master Pravus printed it out and put it there.

He’ll be home in a half hour or so!  I better scamper off to make his tea. <3

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