Talk About Fast

I saw the doctor for my ileostomy surgery consult on Wednesday.  The doc talked to me a bit, and then tried to squeeze me in for the soonest possible surgery date.  She tried to squeeze me in for the next day she’s in surgery, but there wasn’t any more time booked for her at the end of the day, so they took my name and number down and told me they would call if they were able to book extra time in the surgical ward.  She told me that it was either going to be that day (Tuesday) or the ninth of February. 

So of course I went home on pins and needles.  It’s tough not knowing exactly when your surgery will be.  I somehow didn’t expect there would be less than a week between my consult and my surgery.  The ninth seemed more reasonable somehow because then there would be time to wrap my head around it all.  On the other hand, I’m about ready for my life to get back on track and the sooner the surgery is done, the sooner I can be healed and moving on.

So, just to say it: I never plan to post pictures of my stoma.  I don’t want anything on my blog to be gorey.  So, you won’t need to worry about seeing my stoma ever.  Nope.  That’s not my deal.  If you really wanna see stomas, you can easily google “ileostomy” and see a ton of pictures of people showing theirs off.  (As a side note, no I don’t think that blood play is gorey somehow.  Though, I keep that under password protection anyway and very few people get the code in.)

I don’t want this surgery to change the core of who I am.  Sure I’ll still be posting nudes, but we’re planning on buying ostomy covers so no one is going to be subjected to shots of my intestines.  Not even me.  Ha!  I’m not knocking people who feel liberated letting their stomas hang out or who enjoy using see-through bags, but that’s not my thing.  Sure there will still be plenty of titties around here though.  Why not?  I’ve been posting nudes for years, I see no reason for that to stop.  Though, I’m guessing it’ll stop in the temporary while I heal a bit.

The surgery is going to be done laparoscopically, so it’s less dangerous than an open surgery.  It’s still major surgery though, and I will have to stay in the hospital one to two days afterwards.  I’m expecting it to be about two days, because I’m the last surgery of the day so I am thinking that after the surgery there won’t be a lot of time to teach me how to take care of my stoma and then send me home the next morning.  If all goes exactly as planned, and nobody is running behind, etc, then I’ll be going into the recovery room around 4PM.  I’ll probably be there for a couple of hours before being moved up to a room.  So, that’s why I’m expecting to stay two nights.  I won’t complain if they send me home the next day though.

The hardest part is that I’m going to have to be in the hospital, and not with Master Pravus at night for one or two days.  That might not seem like a big deal for some people, but we’re used to sleeping together.  Plus, he’ll have work the next few days so I’ll have to wait until he gets out of work before he can visit me.

I’m also going to lose my tongue ring.  My septum is well healed, but oral piercings are notorious for taking forever to heal, and some never completely heal.  I have an MRI on Monday night (the night before the surgery) and I’ll have to take it out for that.  Even if it doesn’t close up then (tongue rings are notorious for closing pretty quickly) it will definitely close up during surgery the next day.  I’ve only kept it out for very short bits like for my colonoscopy (which is much shorter than an ileostomy) and for things like dental xrays, and I’ve always had a bit of a struggle getting it back in, even with a taper.  We know they aren’t going to let me have my jewelry back on when I’m in recovery, so Master Pravus is planning on the hole closing up.  He says if I’m feeling better we may repierce it for my birthday in May.  He did say we were definitely going to repierce it.  We were going to buy a retainer for the MRI, but we decided not to bother since my surgery is the next day.  No point.

Master Pravus has already said he plans to Tweet when I get out of surgery, in case anyone is interested.  I feel pretty confident the whole thing will go well, but in case anyone is curious there’s the link to his twitter.

After I go home, I’ll be visited by a home nurse three times, though I’m not sure when exactly.

Starting Sunday morning I can’t eat anything until after my surgery on Tuesday.  I have to do two days worth of bowel preps (which is the same as when I did my bowel prep for the colonoscopy) because with my gastroparesis, one won’t work.  Saturday is my infusion day, so I’ll be getting extra fluids there to help me.  I expect a long, miserable Sunday and Monday since I’ll be on Jello and clear fluids, but then hopefully this will all be over and done with and I will think how silly I was to be nervous over “nothing.”

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