The Last Supper

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It’s kind of a tradition around here.  “The Last Supper.”  It’s just a little joke between Master and me.  He takes me out for one nice meal before any surgeries I have.  We did my “Last Supper” tonight.  It’s usually the night before surgery (to take my mind off of things) but I can’t eat for two days prior to surgery and tomorrow is going to be really busy.  I tried to call the thing off because I can’t really eat that much right now anyway, but Master said that it was okay if I didn’t finish because I could just get something he liked and then take it home for him to eat.  Ha!  That’s what we did anyway.

I tried lobster bisque for the first time ever today and it was SO GOOD!  I couldn’t stop smiling.  The waitress brought me a box and was all:

“You barely ate anything, did it come out okay?”

Yep, it did.  I just live on tastes.  >.<

Now?  Home with Master, and slowly sipping ginger tea.  MmmmMMmmm.

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