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It’s the morning of my surgery!  Master will be home in a bit more than a half hour to bring me in.  I’m trying to get my mind off of the surgery and not think too much about it.  I think that’s almost always a good plan when you’re nervous.  I’m playing Beautiful Katamari on the Xbox 360 because it is bright and colorful and distracting.

I talked to the anesthesiologist and she seems really on top of things.  One of the medicines she’s going to give me in pre-op is going to make it hard for me to read, she says, so I doubt I’ll be around on my phone at all until tomorrow.  Should make nausea almost nonexistent though.

One of the things she said really freaked me out, but I’m trying not to think about it.  Hopefully everything will be running on time and before I know it I’ll wake up in recovery and get to have juice.  Ha!  I might be home tomorrow but we’re not sure.  If everything goes 100% perfectly I’ll definitely be home Thursday sometime.


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