Holding Out Until Monday


I feel like progress is going backwards. I had been able to sit up for bits at a time but now I can only lay flat comfortably. I’m in (intolerable) pain almost constantly despite taking my medicines. I cry off and on. I need help walking to the bathroom even with my walker. I need help sitting, standing, or lying flat. I nap on and off but I wake up in tears out of a complete sleep. I have a lot less output at home than I had in the hospital despite eating more. Even a sheet lying on top of Gob hurts, and I’m on serious painkillers with a relatively high pain tolerance.

The at home nurse said that wasn’t normal for ileostomy surgery and there shouldn’t be much pain around Gob, but there should be some near the stitches, etc. We don’t want to go back to the hospital, but we will if things continue getting worse. The nurse and Master Pravus think I may have been released too soon from the hospital. Not surprised.

I’m just trying to hold out until Monday. We will see.

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