Bruised and Snoozed


I don’t have any ostomy covers yet. We ordered one, but it’s in the mail and we don’t have it yet, so I just tried to get a shot with no output in it.

I’m still pretty swollen from the surgery. See that bruise near the appliance? That’s a surgery bruise. There are more on the other side/under/above the bag. See that bruise on my opposite hip? The dark purply one? That’s from a heparin shot. I have more heparin bruises on my arms. Kinda pretty.

Yesterday I felt so awful and we nearly went back to the ER. Today I’m in a lot of pain, but the medicine is making it tolerable. No tears. Thank goodness! I still need help laying down sitting up, standing, etc.

I’m trying to nap as much as possible whenever the meds allow. I’m hoping yesterday was just a really bad day.

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