Sleeping Bag For Gob


Same shirt as yesterday. Now that Master’s home I’ll get help in a few minutes to change it. =^^=

See that skull thingie? That’s Gob’s sleeping bag. I trimmed it up (though, yeah, Master helped me a bit. I did most of it myself!) and we changed Gob’s bag so we could put this on.

I’m becoming popular! Ha ha. All kinds of ostomy supply companies are sending me fancy care packages with all sorts of fancy shit. Not just supplies but nice scissors, carrying cases, mirrors, etc. I realize that they just want my money (because insurance covers all this stuff) but it’s still cool. They even can hook you up with ostomy nurses if you have questions.

Master bought me a bag because it’s important to carry supplies wherever you go and I’m starting to stock it. Maybe I’ll take a picture with it soon.

Doing okay today. I tried to sit up at the computer because I want to blog about the surgery but I only lasted about three minutes when I was up for something already. Sitting is still really tough because of my stitch in my belly button plus, Gob himself is still crazy sore. I’m trying though!

Gonna play some Overlord and then jump in the shower in a bit.


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