I woke up with what looks like a cold. Not a bad cold, or a major cold; just a cold on top of trying to heal from surgery. So, just one more thing.

I did not sleep well. Gob is great, but the skin around Gob is very raw and open. It looks burned almost. I think the visiting nurse gave us bad advice. Not intentionally. She was very very nice but she might just not have a lot of experience with ostomies. She told us not to use paste or a barrier ring since I’ve never had a leak however, now my skin is incredibly chewed up and miserable. Output is splashing on normal skin, and since output contains digestive enzymes I’m getting chewed up.

This is not a good place to be just eight days post surgery. 🙁 The nurse is coming by today. If she can’t help with the skin issue we’ll ask for a new home nurse and explain that she’s a great nurse but just doesn’t know enough about ostomies. I don’t want her to get in trouble at ALL. I was even warned that the first few nurses might not know enough about ostomies.

This is so hard to learn on your own. The emotional effects of having a bag are what I was warned about. How hard it is to adjust to. How it changes your body image. I don’t suffer from any of that. I am over the moon to be able to poo after months of gastroparesis problems. Eating is still hard but at least what comes in comes back out. The really big issue? Learning how to care for a freaking ostomy. I want to know! I don’t want to be caring for Gob incorrectly. I don’t want infections or serious complications.

Today has been terribly rough for me. I didn’t have any meds at all because I’m a bit worried about the nurse showing up when Master Pravus isn’t here. If I’m too “loopy” from the drugs, how will I change Gob on my own? She’s supposed to show up when he is home from work though, so when he came by to check on me on lunch he insisted that I take some pain meds.

Now I’ll play Overlord with Applepig and wait for 4PM, when he comes home.

I know this was major surgery and healing will take time. I just wish I knew what to do for Gob. We are doing things as we have been shown but we have had very little training in the last week. It’s hard.

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