“Why Did You Let It Get This Bad?”


The nurse did finally show up yesterday. We were calling the office constantly begging them to send someone because something is terribly wrong. We have been photographing Gob periodically. I took a picture when I first saw him because he was so cute. (He just looked like a little cherry.)

Well, the nurse came over took one look and said:

“Why did you let it get this bad before contacting me?!”


I have been calling begging to have someone look since Wed, when I got stood up. WTF?

::Deep breath::

Anyway. That nurse advised me to lay flat and go to the ER straight away this morning because the skin is getting more and more torn and you can see abdominal muscle. It’s gross. It’s a HUGE hole, too. To give you some perspective, Gob is 1″ in diameter and we are having to cut my wafer almost 2.5″ wide to account for all the damage. :/ I don’t wanna post a pic ’cause it’s seriously nasty. If you really wanna see (because you have an ostomy and you need perspective or something) you could email me though. I warn you though, it is GROSS. I can’t find anything like it online.

So anyway. We got a phone call around 8PM from the expert ostomy nurse at the company and she wants to come see it in person to be sure there’s nothing we can do before we go back to the hospital. She’ll be here any second. I really hope she has a trick or two up her sleeve because I do not want more surgery (if we can’t fix it I will probably need a stoma relocation and revision. Yuck.) This surgery was supposed to be easy and it has been way less than a picnic.

Wish me luck. <3

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