Worst Valentine


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I’m in a very bad way today. We were up until 4AM trying to fix my ostomy. I was in so much pain I was crying hysterically. I can only recall one or two other times in my life that I have ever been in this much pain. Last night my pain level was an 8.5 (I could barely move except to cry) and we nearly went to the ER. I know they can’t help my ostomy but I was desperately hoping for pain management. I have also missed my last two infusions and am badly dehydrated. My palpitations are through the roof. I have nearly fainted several times. If I actually faint, we will go straight to the ER. My temperature is still there but steady at about 100.0, so nothing to do for it other than continue the Tylenol & ibuprofen.

It’s the anniversary of the day we met and it should be a happy day. We are trying but I feel awful.

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