Wasted Day


Got a picture while out of the house! This is the first time I left the house since surgery. It was for a doctor appointment, but it still counts!!

Kind of disappointed in my appointment. Master is pissed. There’s no fucking helping me. :/

The doctor was very nice, but she didn’t actually LOOK at the wound. 🙁 She kept going on about how she doesn’t have supplies so she wouldn’t let me take my bag off even though WE brought tons of supplies.

She said what she thinks is wrong but she’s not sure and recommends we work with a certified ostomy nurse and go back if it continues to not heal. Use the Medi-gel and continue to pack the wound with the silver stuff and use the C shaped barriers.

We told her that every single day since surgery, the hole continues to grow despite doing these things already. She said “Well, keep doing what you’re doing. It’ll heal, I promise.”

It’s not that I don’t believe her, but it would be easier to believe her if she had looked at the wound itself. The nurse was very specific about her needing to see the wound.

::Sigh:: Well, I don’t know why I fall through the cracks so often but I do. Advocating for myself and getting no one to actually look all the damned time is exhausting as fuck.

I’m sitting writing this in the parking lot of the ostomy supply store while I wait for Master. He ran in to buy the supplies we need. None of the things we need to heal this (C shapes, Marathon, Silver wound packing stuff) are covered by insurance. One box of C shapes is almost $100 and comes with ten. We need two for each bag change, so an entire box should last five days. Brutal. Marathon is the same (cheaper on Amazon though) but at least it’s enough for about a month, and we don’t know what the stuff you pack in the wound costs. Talk about a freaking nightmare.

At least I don’t need surgery. Yet. I don’t feel totally safe calling it since she didn’t look. :/

Tonight I have my MRI to see about those strokes/seizures/migraines or whatever they are.

I’m so tired.

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