Bruises At Two Weeks


Bruise progress exactly two weeks.

Yesterday I was out of the house for a total of seven hours. The first two hours were at the doctor. The second five hours were the MRI.

Today I’m beyond tired. I slept in and I’m napping on and off. At least I have nowhere to be today thankfully.

Last night when we were changing my bag we got excited when we noticed that the size of the wound seems to have stabilized and for at least one day it wasn’t getting any bigger. That’s the first time since surgery it wasn’t larger. We figured that the Medi-gel was working. It probably is, but that’s when we noticed it was a lot deeper. It was an eighth of an inch or so before, now it is about a quarter. My nurse comes by Thursday so I am hoping she has some ideas to help. I’m planning on calling her either today or tomorrow to just check in and make sure we shouldn’t be doing something different now because deeper. No one said it was gonna be easy.

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