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master and faete

A woman saw Master taking this picture of me earlier, and asked if we wanted to have her get a picture of the both of us.  Master said yes, and since we both look so cute that’s the day’s picture!  Woo!

Today was the day that I went to see the specialist to decide if my colon is going to come out.  My colon definitely needs to come out.  🙁  The question of what to do about it really lead to two questions regarding outcome:

  1. Do you want to have an ostomy forever?
  2. Do you want to use the toilet in the normal way.

That’s really all we need to know in order to figure out how the next surgeries are going to go.  The doctor knew a lot about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which put my mind at ease a lot.  Loop Ileostomies aren’t meant to be permanent.  They are meant to be temporary until you figure out what to do.

There are two ways we could go with surgery.  Either we can try to connect my small intestine to my rectum which would mean that I could use the toilet like a normal person,  (And, we have to do one more test to make certain that my rectum is working well) or we could take my colon out and just give me a permanent End Ileostomy instead of a loop Ileostomy.  If we want me to have a chance to go without the ostomy bag, then we can’t wait longer than a year to get surgery done or else it won’t work.

We talked it over, and we’re going to go ahead and (assuming the last test goes well) we’re going to try to reconnect everything to my rectum and give me at least a chance at using the toilet like a normal person.  Having an ostomy bag is really no big deal at all, so if it turns out that the surgery doesn’t work out and I need to have an end ileostomy anyway, it’s okay.  At least we tried and having an ostomy is really not the end of the world.  We would both like to at least try before it is too late.

The surgeon is well aware of all the risks involved and told us what they were.  Doing these surgeries is a very high risk option (due to my Ehlers-Danlos), but there is no other option.  My colon is paralyzed and the Loop Ileostomy is just not going to last permanently.  There will be two to three surgeries depending, and he is going to attempt laparoscopic surgery buy may need to opt for open.

This is serious shit.  I can’t have the first surgery until May, because I need to wait until three months have passed since I got the loop ileostomy.  We’ll call in April to get a surgery date.

Oh, and I’ll have the Loop Ileostomy until the final surgery, to make sure everything inside of me has a chance to heal before we go ahead and reverse it.

It’s scary having more surgery, but we kind of knew this was coming.  Now I need to rest up and heal as much as possible!  This will be the year of surgeries.  I have so many mixed feelings, but this doctor knew what he was talking about and I know I need to get this done and on the road to recovery.

>.<  That doesn’t mean this shit ain’t hard sometimes.  I’ll probably freak out the night before as always but for now, I’ll just put the damned thing out of my head.  At least until I have a surgery date.

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