More Energy and a Yarn Needle


I had Infusion this morning! Here I am after Infusion on my way to run a couple errands. I hate how puffy my face always is after Infusion, but being on a steroid plus pumping in two liters of salt water will do that to you.

I do feel like I’m slowly recovering from the surgery. It’s a very slow process however, I am noticing slightly more energy each day. Laying around in bed all day makes me antsy, but walking to the end of the driveway is tiring. I do feel like this is a good sign though. In a few days the driveway won’t be hard and eventually I’ll be jumping around for fun. Woot!

We needed to go and get a new yarn needle (my old one was plastic and it snapped) and they finally had metal ones in stock so that’ll never happen again. No guarantees I won’t lose it though. =^.~= Anyway, while we were there I found a really cute cotton fabric remnant that had skulls on it. I picked it up to make some ostomy covers when I am feeling a bit better. I may hand sew them in bed to give me something to do. We will see. I’ll probably embellish the crap out of them. I can’t be stopped! Bwa ha ha!!

Even though I used a wheelchair for all the stops we made I’m dead tired now. I’m gonna drink some lemon ginger tea and relax for a while. Maybe nap. I don’t know.

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