A Turning Point


Super good sign today! I woke up feeling like I wanted to go on an adventure. By the time I got up, showered and changed my bag I was too exhausted to do anything but lay there. I don’t remember the last time I felt like going anywhere though, so I think that is a good start.

Also, today was the first day in weeks that my wound looks better at all. Not “Well, there’s a bigger tear but it looks like it’s bleeding less.” Not “Well, it looks like the skin is fine but it’s deeper.” Today it looked a little better all the way around! The skin looks less cut up AND it was visibly less deep. Sweet! The one thing we do need to watch for, is that as the skin fills in it doesn’t block the stoma. Really good signs overall today.

I’m out of C shapes and they were supposed to come expedited. I’m very worried about my skin with no C shapes on it but I just have to cross my fingers it doesn’t get too bad. The nurse is coming Tuesday and she’ll bring some.

I foresee a lot of resting today.

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