Feet Up For Now


Last night, right as we were going to have some playtime, all Hell broke loose with Gob. 🙁 We had to change my bag, and unfortunately when we did the damage caused by not having any C shapes was terrible. It has set Gob’s healing back by at least a week, and that was just one day. I had to go overnight without C shapes as well so I don’t even want to look at it today. Master told me to lay as flat as possible (which I did) until the nurse arrives. She’ll have more C shapes for us to get us through until ours arrive. The nurse was supposed to come Tuesday, but due to a happy mistake she will be coming in about an hour. Less time laying completely flat for me!

I was so mad last night because as I said yesterday, we only JUST started making any progress with the wound. This sucks so bad. At least my energy is improving, though.

Since I’m not up and around I’m not wearing compression socks. No point. I can lay flat just fine without blood going to my brain. Ha ha. I’m wearing my military boot socks that were dyed purple. Love these things.

I’m feeling better since the nurse is coming sooner than tomorrow because today should not be a total waste. However, I’m still really annoyed about the C shapes. ::Sigh::

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