A Little Grumpy


My nurse showed up today, which had me a little grumpy because for the last two weeks we have set up Tuesdays for her to come by and then she comes by with no warning on Monday. Seeing as how it has happened twice now, we know we aren’t crazy.

Last night, in a spur of the moment fit of random we decided to go see Zoolander 2! We are big fans of Zoolander, and I even saw the first one in the theater when it came out. The second movie was so funny we want to see it again! I’m not sure if we will get to or not but we’ll definitely buy the blu-ray when it comes out. We laughed through about ninety percent of it.

Today’s picture is of me waiting to be called at the chiropractor’s office. I needed to get my right wrist kajiggered!

So tired.


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