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I realized that I don’t have a post about them on my blog.  Not a post specifically about them, anyway.  Most D/s or M/s couples have a “no panty” rule.  Not us.  Know why?  Well, I guess there are lots of reasons.

  1. I always had an aversion to panties. Telling someone who doesn’t really like panties to begin with that she should “keep not wearing them” is not really submission.  How am I submitting if I am doing what I already do?  I suppose not every single thing you do will be an act of submission.  You could always think of it that way, but it won’t change the fact that some things (like breathing, maybe) just are regardless of what your dynamic is.
  2. Master Pravus likes panties.  He thinks they are really, really cute and also a turn-on.  He likes pulling them off, or sliding them to the slide and putting his cock in.  He likes the visual of them.  I try to wear cute panties too, when money allows.  He finds them stimulating.
  3. Just because most of the kink community does something, does not mean we need to.  What purpose is there of dampening Master Pravus’ pleasure for the sake of “ALL SLAVES DON’T WEAR PANTIES!”  I do.  I do it because it makes Master Pravus happy.  It would be disingenuous to not wear them because THAT’S HOW BDSM.

So, all those things aside, I have run into a little snag with panties.  I have only worn them a handful of times since my loop ileostomy.  Why?  They don’t fit now.

This next bit I know I’ve mentioned recently, but I thought I’d mention it again because it has to do with my current dilemma.  The problem with all of my panties is that I wasn’t measured for Gob while I was wearing anything at all.  I was completely naked.  No one measured where my panty line would be or my pants line either for that matter.  You’re supposed to, and I’m not sure if they didn’t because they were in a rush.  I didn’t even think to ask at the time because there were about six nurses surrounding my bed and poking me, trying to get me to take medicines, etc. 

In other words, it was really rushed (as pre-op often is).  Also, I hadn’t eaten in over two full days, so that wasn’t making my brain worms work all that well. Long story short, though?  My panties all rest exactly on top of Gob, and that’s not good for him at all (It can cause bleeding, cuts, he won’t be able to drain right, etc, and since Gob has no nerve endings I won’t notice until I take my bag off anywhere from one to three days later!), so I can’t wear them.

Well, I can’t wear most of them.  I know they make panties specifically for people with ostomies, but I have yet to find any cute ones.  Most of them just look like shorts or else really high waisted panties though they have a pocket in them.  Why would I want to spend $30-50 on one pair of medical style panties (read: not cute) when I can probably fix this on my own, with some trial and error.  Thing is, regardless of my or Master Pravus’ panty preference, I always have/had to wear panties during my time of the month.  So, I needed at least a couple of pair kind of pronto.

Sad though it seems, I only have one pair of panties which works thus far, and it’s this pair seen on my Tumblr here.  They aren’t really panties so much are cute cotton shorts intended as a sort of modern day bloomer underneath short skirts, etc.  However, I never wore panties with them because they sit so close to the skin and it would look horrible.  You’d see panty lines like woah.  So, Master Pravus let me use them as a sort of lingerie when I got them.  Keep in mind, when we got them, I didn’t have any idea I was going to be having any surgery at all.  Also, Master Pravus has a kink for spandex/tight cotton/latex/anything skin tight and shiny.  So, for him this was a wicked hit! 

I had planned to buy maybe two or three more, just because he absolutely loved the laces and the skin tight factor, plus there are other styles.  The reason they work is that they don’t actually have an elastic waistband like your ordinary panties.  They just have a really soft lace, so it lays directly on top of Gob, but it is so soft that there’s no pressure on him at all and it doesn’t cut into him or make him bleed.  So, win!

I’ve tried panties that are really low cut, and they don’t work at all.  They still wind up just at the base of the flange on my bag, and that can slowly push up on the adhesive and cause the bag to last less than it usually would.  Even if it didn’t affect the bag, it has a slanted sort of aesthetic instead of a straight line.  So, that’s out.

I’ve never really been a fan (ever) of high waisted anything.  It’s just my preference.  I never think high waisted looks good on anyone, because it makes your torso look shorter.  Super super tall people, maybe, but other than that: thin, thick, medium etc people never look good in high waisted things to me.  It’s just my personal preference.  Master Pravus shares it and so I’ve never purchased anything high waisted (we’re talking above the belly button, here) on purpose. 

I’m pretty short though, so sometimes if I buy something online that’s meant for someone taller, it’ll wind up being that way on me and we just toss them aside for a plushie or something to wear.  We are considering experimenting with high waisted panties anyway, and then covering them with longer lingerie or shirts so that they don’t appear to be high waisted on the outside.  We shall see, though.

So, that’s where I’m at with the panties.  I have a couple of pairs of boxer shorts that I used to use for my period that have Invader Zim on them, and I still use those on my period right now since I don’t have anything else available.  Master Pravus is letting me skip wearing panties here and there though because I have three pairs.  Three.  Some days they are all in the wash, and I’m not getting in trouble for it.  I have another pair similar (but different style) to those shorts above so when those get here it’ll be four.

I knew that a lot would change when I got the ostomy, but I honestly didn’t think I’d have so much grief for something that seems so otherwise simple.  Who knew I’d have to completely change the way I dress?  Even my underwear?  I did a lot of research and everyone I met in person (nurses, doctors etc) all told me my clothing wouldn’t change at all, so when it did I was sort of put in a spot.  Hopefully with some experimenting we figure this whole thing out.  I want to make sure I can wear undies everyday, because I know how important it is to Master Pravus.

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